How does it work?

The enhanced properties of the Ion Dispersion water is the power behind converting a traditional Ice Machine to a Self-Cleaning system.  The elevated pH effectively removes dirt and prevents mineral deposits from forming on ice machine parts. Also, the negative ORP property of the ID water has an antimicrobial effect. Everywhere the water contacts with ice machine parts, little or no microbial growth will occur. However, there are large areas of the ice machine that the ID water does not contact, and the environment is ideal for microbial growth. This is especially apparent where ice machines are located in kitchens or locations with high concentrations of air-borne yeast which is another microorganism that is often found in pizza kitchens, breweries, bakeries, sandwich shops, etc. To eliminate the possibility of microbial growth and enhance cleaning, the ozone device provides a rapid “wash down” of areas not in contact with the ID Water.

What is the PCWS with Ozone?


Pure Clean Water System with Ozone

works with your existing Ice Machine and eliminates the normal problems that impact your operations and the bottom line of your business!

If you are tired of having a dirty ice machine, first you have to clean it! 

Then let the PCWS with Ozone keep it clean!

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Now it can with this breakthrough technology!

How to get started?

What are the benefits?

Operators are required by law to keep ice machines clean and sanitized. A dirty ice machine can cost a restaurant $250 in fines and 5 violation points. When 13 points is all, you’re allowed to maintain an “A” letter grade, 5 points is a lot to give up.

  • The FDA considers Ice a Food.

FDA Food Code, on which most states and local regulations are modeled have Ice as a Food  The FDA stipulates ice machines should be cleaned (as specified by the manufacturer) at minimum 2x per year, but 4x per year is recommended to ensure food-safety standards. However, depending on your usage, location, and water conditions you may need to have your ice machines cleaned even more often than that.

Finally, a safe, FDA approved antimicrobial agent for use on Foods

Have you experienced problems with your Ice Machine?


  • Ice Machines are hard to clean 

  • Professional Service companies costs add up over the year
  • In-house labor costs are increasing, and do you have confidence all internal surfaces are clean?
  • Ice Machines are a breeding ground for bacteria, slime, mold, and biofilm especially if you are baking in your facility.  Restaurant's “dirty ice secretes” have been exposed many times in the last few decades, here is just one of many worldwide articles exposing this common problem.
  • Scale build-up over time makes your ice machine less efficient and increases costs to operate and in summer months costs increase if you are supplementing ice production with third-party ice deliveries.
  • Are you concerned with the liabilities of not providing safe, crystal clear ice to your customers?
  • Ice Machines are a Red Flag area during Health food inspections.  Now you can have peace of mind after you easily install the PCWS with Ozone patented technology.

The PCWS is a patented Ion Dispersion filter system designed for commercial ice machines that minimize or eliminate water scale, improves the clarity and freeze temperature of ice, as well as improves the taste and odor of ice. 

  • Our proprietary Ion Dispersion (ID) media is a combination of metals and minerals along with a magnetic loop that creates an electrolysis reaction changing the water structure and properties.
  • With higher pH in the range of 8.0 to 9.5 and an oxidation-reduction potential of  -250 millivolts, PCWS maintains a cleaner ice machine while providing pure and healthier ice. 
  • The Ozone Add-On enhances the cleaning properties of the PCWS. Aqueous ozone is a powerful oxidant proven to be an effective solution to kill 99.9% of bacteria, yeasts, molds, etc. Also, ozone effectively destroys viruses on surfaces or on food.
  • Aqueous ozone does not impart a taste or odor and leaves no residue on surfaces and Food. 

This unique Patented technology provides valuable benefits and you won’t ever want to operate your Ice Machine without the PCWS with Ozone.

  • Reduces or eliminates the scale, mold, slime, and biofilm build-up
  • Produces crystal clean, safe ice
  • Increased ice production and efficiency, reduce costs
  • Drastically reduces maintenance time and costs related to cleaning and servicing your ice machine
  • Increases your confidence in the improved quality and safety of ice served to your customers!  Covid 19 has highlighted the concerns of reducing exposure to bacteria and viruses and especially in something as simple as ice!
  • Once you install the PCWS, the annual filter replacements are easy and affordable during yearly maintenance, think of all the money saved on additional cleanings and service calls!

 The smart choice for your business!

Don’t you wish your
​Ice Machine 
​was Self Cleaning?

What is the Law?

Before you install your PCWS with Ozone you need to clean your ice machine, we make that easy with our NSF registered Ice Machine Cleaner with Patented Ion Dispersion Technology!

Using the power of ID water in the formula allows you to “Zero Out” your Ice Machine, easily removing scale, slime, mold, and biofilm from your Ice Machine.