The enhanced properties of the Ion Dispersion water is the power behind converting a traditional Ice Machine to a Self-Cleaning system.  The elevated pH effectively removes dirt and prevents mineral deposits from forming on ice machine parts. Also, the negative ORP property of the ID water has an antimicrobial effect. Everywhere the water contacts with ice machine parts, little or no microbial growth will occur. However, there are large areas of the ice machine that the ID water does not contact, and the environment is ideal for microbial growth. This is especially apparent where ice machines are located in kitchens or locations with high concentrations of air-borne yeast which is another microorganism that is often found in pizza kitchens, breweries, bakeries, sandwich shops, etc. To eliminate the possibility of microbial growth and enhance cleaning, the ozone device provides a rapid “wash down” of areas not in contact with the ID Water.

How does it work?